Fundamental Trading Course

Our Fundamental Training Course runs over 2 days, it includes the following:

  • Assistance in setting up your demo and real trading accounts. You will require a colour digital scan of your ID or Passport and a Proof of Residence such as a municipal account
  • Our teams will install all indicators and templates required for you to trade successfully.
  • Day 1 will further be used with:
    • Overview of market
    • Currency pairs
    • Risk management
    • Cash management
    • Traders Psychology
    • Interpret Candlestick
    • Practical understanding of Graphs and MetaTrader 4 tool
    • Planning of your trading day in preparation
  • Day 2 is activation of life account, and trading on demo account applying tools and strategy.

Training times are:

Monday and Tuesday every week. Starting time is 9am to 15h30.

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Inclusive in the training is all documentation, presentation pack, strategy explanation and guides to assist you.

Food and drinks

Meals includes platters for morning on arrival and a sweet platter at afternoon tea. A full meal is provided at 12h30. Coffee, tea and bottled water is available throughout the day.

Course participants

We believe in a hands-on approach and as such we do not take more than 10 people for training at a time. That allows for personal time with every training to absolutely ensure that they understand the trading environment fully.